Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fight Bobcats, Fight!

Sorta-But-Not-Quite Super Tuesday dawns and I see my alma mater is the scene for America's most-watched news channel's continuing coverage on their morning chit chat fest. Rufus lynx rufus, indeed. Good for the school, but not surprising since News Corp poobah Roger Ailes graduated from Ohio University in 1962. Quite a few years before me, I might add hastily. Many, many years. Too many years before me to even count. OK. 13.

It's an odd feeling for me these days as a life-long political junkie. Everybody is talking about this big, exciting battle and I don't care a bit. I suppose I want the HRC/BHO fight to continue all summer culminating in a bloody, nominee-wrecking, battle in Denver. I would definitely be for that if the other party were nominating a reliable fiscal conservative. But, they won't. So, I'm left with the steel-cage death-match between Clinton and Obama. yay.

It's like when the Super Bowl is played between two teams I can't stand. Except there aren't any new commercials in this contest-- as long as you don't count HRC's hideous "It's 3AM" ad. Or her even worse Christmas ad: "Now where did I put universal pre-K?"

I've never been one to use Barack Obama's middle name much. In fact I usually refer to him as BHO in the grand Demo tradition of FDR, JFK, LBJ. But I've received word through back channels that Michelle Obama has likened any use of her husband's middle name to fear-mongering hate-speech. (Which should make for an interesting swearing-in ceremony if he wins, by the way: "I, Barack Blank Obama do solemnly swear...") But, in answer to Michelle O's (like Jackie O, cool huh) sensitivity, from now on I'll try to refer to BHO as Barack X. Obama. Hope that helps.