Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Old Codger who wrote in this space, unbeknown to me until this morning, that we were looking for a new place to live should Obama win the presidency was incorrect. Yes, we were traveling and we're always on the lookout for stuff to buy low and sell high but the idea of bugging out is so Alec Baldwin/ Susan Sarandon/Babs Streisand that we patriotic types can't even imagine it. The Ol' Codger gets a little worked up from time to time. He's back on the high fiber diet now and everything seems better although he's quite capable of being a member of the "perpetually perturbed."
Speaking of Old Codgers, I see where Mick Jagger now qualifies for his pension of 91 pounds per week. That's good news you can use whilst chattin' someone up at your local Starbucks (oops, closed) Caribou Coffee this afternoon. While traveling through Uruguay and the lawless Tri-Border area this week our team was listening to Mick and the boys and read of Mick's 65th as well. 65! Such a growing boy. Congrats to all the 'Stones on the new deal with Universal for new releases plus catalog too. What a shock that Terra Firma's EMI botched that one up.