Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here's How It Is


This is Grandpa Dart addressing you. The kid who usually types up the hogwash around here is on assignment. Here's the deal. A couple days ago I saw that Obama feller and his speech from Berlin, Germany. Germany! That's where we kicked the Hun's @$$ for you youngsters. Pardon my French, but Mr. Obama says we should start parlay voo en and makin' with the foreign lingo. The two other times since WW2 that an American politician gave a big speech in Berlin they both had the same basic message: "Hey! Commies, back it on down! And if you don't-- America is gonna kick you sideways!" That's what JFK said and that's what Ron Reagan said. They meant it. The commies knew it. And the rest is history.

So I see Mr. Fancy Pants prancin' around Europe sayin' how we're all gonna link arms and sing folk songs if the people of the world just do one tiny thing-- make him Ruler of the World! Holy Benito, I saw that and I says, "Son, I have an assignment for you. Stop workin', stop typin' up the blog baloney, and find us a new place to live!" I told him to get on it TOOT SWEET. So, that's where the boy is and he took the 'Dartlads with him. The way I hear it, the first stop is Belize, but I don't want to know for sure. I just told him to find a good place where we can camp after we bug out of this crazy joint. I've seen this "one world" stuff before, Adolf, and it doesn't turn out real well for freedom. Told the boy that I'll police the area and prepare.

Mare See Bow Koo, Senator.

That is all. Back to your duly appointed work stations.