Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dangerous Cartoons

I haven't commented on the goofy New Yorker Obama cover "controversy" because, frankly, The New Yorker is irrelevant outside of Manhattan-- assuming it's even relevant there. However, I will point out a couple of things. First, if one is going to try parody of a political position one doesn't personally hold one might want to study someone who is really good at it first, like Paul Shanklin for example. And, since the medium The New Yorker chose was cartooning they might want to check out the work of the best political cartoonist in America, Michael Ramirez.
Oh, look, he's done a cartoon lampooning your off-point cartoon. Perfectly.
Want something from an equal opportunity lampooner? Try the latest from JibJab. Obama riding a flying white unicorn that farts rainbows? Now that's a good parody of the guy and his, um, message.