Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Biden's Brave Little Toaster

“Our tax plan would take that tax cut of another $130 billion that John wants to give to people making over $250,000 next year, not let it go forward and give it to the middle class — the very people who desperately need it to stay in their homes, to buy food, to take care of the gas, to fill up their tank, to be able to go out and buy a toaster, to employ people.”
-Senator Joe Biden, NBC September 16, 2008
Not even in the stream-of-consciousness babble that makes up Slow Joe's oratory did I expect to find this incredible nugget. Joe truly is a gift. And I mean that, pal.
But wait! That's not all!!
The Today Show hostess, somebody named Meredith Vieira, asked Joe the toaster pusher about raising taxes:
VIEIRA: “Senator, you and Senator Obama are calling for tax increases on the wealthy. And there are many economists who say that that would hurt the economy even more.”
BIDEN: “I don't know any economists who are saying that.”
Not only is that idiotic on its face, it is not the current, operable Obama talking point. Yes, the Barack of Obama his own self has stated that his huge tax increases would be delayed if the economy is weak when he and Slow Joe slide into those big comfy executive branch chairs. Wow, Joe, get up to speed, my friend. My close personal friend.