Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry. No Gas.

Eleven days ago we pointed out how hurricane Ike could cause gasoline shortages in our corner of the world. In the last 24 hours it came to pass. All over the Charlotte, NC metro area there are now gas stations without fuel. As the day rolled on Wednesday reports were being broadcast locally about people following tank trucks to stations, of lines of 50 or so cars at some locations, and general distress over a lack of gasoline.

Our own search for gasoline yesterday found the following along the trail away from our driveway. Shell: NO GAS, Texaco: NO GAS, Texaco: NO GAS, The Gate: NO GAS, Sunoco: NO GAS, Texaco: NO GAS, BP: NO GAS, Country Grocery Store with 2 pumps: BAGGING PUMPS AS WE DRIVE BY, Shell: GAS! with 2 dozen cars waiting. We drive by and try one more stop, a Kangaroo convenience store that has two pump islands. They had regular. We bought 15 and a half gallons.

Similar supply problems are happening from Charlotte west to Asheville. Nashville and Atlanta are apparently having some shortages too. Here in South Carolina we actually aren't having much trouble statewide, but in our county we get lots of folks crossing the border from NC to buy gas here because our taxes are 15 cents a gallon lower. What we learned is that the farther away we go from the NC border the easier it is to find fuel.