Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ike Spike and Gators! Vewwy, Vewwy, Scawwy.

We've been drifting along paying $3.38/ gallon for gasoline hereabouts as crude oil futures have dropped to $100/ bbl -- a fall of 30% from recent highs. Yesterday the local stations were trading regular gasoline by the gallon for $3.57 a unit. I considered their offer and decided to stick with the $3.38 gasoline I had in the tank of my truck. Others however, more in tune with the fears of the day, began to top their tanks in fear of Hurricane Ike's effect on our ability to get gasoline from the refineries in the gulf region. This run on the gasoline supplies in the underground tanks at the petrol stations caused some chains to limit customers to 10 gallons at a time.

This morning it's The Ike Spike! The stations have boosted to 3.79+ already and some have gone over $4. One old boy even said his delivery driver told him that he heard that the next delivery will be $6/ gallon wholesale. This immediately became "ground truth." I'm just glad that my morning and afternoon commute involves moving from the upstairs bedroom to the first floor office. With frequent roundtrips to the coffee pot and refrigerator.

But high gas prices are nothing. Nothing! The real story in our state today is that we now have so many alligators that the first gator hunting season in 50 years opens tomorrow. One gator per hunter please. Now that's some yeehaw, bud.