Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slow Joe A No Go

As the Democrat handmaiden media enters day five of their attempt to destroy Gov. Palin, just one of the many unintended consequences of their smear campaign has been to keep their candidates out of the news. I'm sure that the media cheerleaders never envisioned the prospect that their slender young hero would stand in his fabulous Denver acropolis, deliver his boilerplate speech, and then have virtually nothing reported about him for a solid week. When your guy is THE ONE he's not supposed to be off the front pages day after day.
About the only thing I've heard about the two droning senators running on the D team in the past week was when human gaffe machine Joe Biden made a demeaning comment about Gov. Palin's appearance. Now I didn't watch a minute of the Democrat's convention. Listening to Democrat politicians or their in-the-tank media is as interesting to me as staying up late at night waiting to hear the latest Pakistani cricket scores. But I heard that Slow Joe bragged twice in his speech about beating people up. Apparently his parents thought Joe should bust people in the mouth a lot. Whatever floats your boat, Joey. So when I heard that Joe dismissed Sarah Palin like that my first thought was, tell that one to Todd Palin 1 on 1, pal. (Joe likes to call people he doesn't actually like, "pal" or "buddy" so I'm returning the favor.) My second thought was that Todd wouldn't need to do anything. Sarah will kick Joe's ass all by herself.

The picture above shows how the Obama handlers have decided to get their loose cannon Biden under control. Apparently they are making him stuff his motor mouth with ice cream until his face turns red.