Friday, March 27, 2009

As Freedom Fades

In the days right after terrorists brought down the twin towers of the WTC in Manhattan we were a defiant nation. People wrote and talked about re-building them-- but even taller. There were sketches passed around the Internet that showed a design where the buildings were replaced with a series of towers, the middle one higher than the rest, giving the distinct impression that we were flipping off the enemy.

But soon post-modern American reality rolled in like the tide that brings debris to the beach. There were endless delays in getting a plan for a new building. The bureaucracy and red tape of doing business in NYC made it look like the tenth anniversary of the attacks could come and there would still only be a hole in the ground. The one bright spot through all of it seemed to be the name for the building that would go up on that valuable land: FREEDOM TOWER.

Now, in our New Socialist nation full of HOPE and CHANGE freedom is clearly a thing of the past. How fitting then that, quietly, Freedom Tower has become One World Trade Center.
Easier to market "One WTC" than "Freedom", it's said.
Meanwhile firearms and ammunition manufacturers are setting sales records.