Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Trophy For You

Maybe Bailout Nation is just the logical extension of the "there are no losers" philosophy that made its way into public education in the last couple of decades. You know that philosophy, we don't keep score at youth soccer games 'cause losing feels so bad. An adjunct to that is grade inflation. Seeing a big red "F" at the top of the page will make Janey cry. Everyone gets a trophy.

People who have never been allowed to lose might just think they can buy a home they can't afford, not make the payments, and other people (AKA: the taxpayers) will cover the tab for them. Certainly Lord Obama and his minions want a "no responsibility society"-- it's written pretty clearly in their insane budget proposal. It's so clearly radical that as many as 14 Democrat Senators are getting cold feet. The best thing about the soak-the-rich to redistribute their hard labor's returns to the hammock-bound is the title: A NEW ERA OF RESPONSIBILITY.


Of course the only ones really responsible are the Top 5% of earners in America. They're responsible for making sure the other 95% don't have to do much. Everyone gets a trophy.

There's only one problem with that scheme, Lord O.
The top 5% can just quit.
Capital is already on strike and it will get worse. Far worse. You won't be able to afford the shiny trophies, pal.