Friday, March 6, 2009

T.G.I. Slow Joe Friday!

Another week and another make-work project for Slow Joe Biden. Lord Obama tries to keep the old guy busy so he doesn't say anything stupid to the press. They're so worried about Joe's inane bloviating that when he addressed the AFL-CIO's big pow wow at a ritzy Florida spa (Big Labor is still allowed to have fancy meetings unlike Capitalists per The Lord's edicts) they banned microphones and cameras.

This makes it tough for those of us who live for more Slow Joe buffoonery. But, hold on, we found some for a Friday anyway. Seems like Lordy O gave Joey the chore of running a panel that will produce a huge unread document about the dire plight of the Middle Class in America.

Yep, it's The Middle Class Task Force, chaired by Joe Biden. Joe and 7 cabinet officials make up the force and you can just imagine how diverse they are. One glaring problem though. There's nobody on "The Task Force" who is actually "Middle Class." Oops.

Last Friday they had their first meeting. They met in Philadelphia, not DC, because by going out there amongst We The People the Task Force Crew can get in touch with the Middle Class, see.

Well, that's a nice theory Darwin, but it didn't work out so well. They actually met with: Pennsylvania's Democrat governor Edward Rendell, Philadelphia's Democrat mayor Michael Nutter, and United Steelworkers of America president Leo Gerard. Unfortunately none of those men of the Left are, um, Middle Class.

But, have no fear, The Middle Class Task Force will tour the country having meetings like this for some time. I suppose they plan on having meetings until all of the problems facing The Middle Class are solved, or something. Given what the Obama Administration has been up to since January 20th there won't be a Middle Class left by this time next year so Slow Joe will be able to declare victory and move on to other pressing duties by the end of 2009.

Meanwhile, I doubt if they'll ever hear from a normal citizen throughout the year. You know, a guy who might stand up and say, "Hey, Joe, when my power bills go up by 40 frickin' percent because of this huge carbon tax y'all are slapping on us, how will that help me and my family exactly?"