Friday, March 20, 2009

Hope and Change for Peace and Love

From the "we're so September 10th now" file comes these two stories this week:

The Obama administration quietly is doing away with the arming of commercial pilots.

The Obama administration considers releasing terrorist detainees in America.

That Eric Holder is workin' overtime, baby. It's good to see that the domestic policy of Lord Obamaprompter is dovetailing with the foreign policy. Across the world we're pissing off our allies and playing kissy-face with Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. Domestically we're making travel more dangerous and setting terrorists free on the streets.

It's real comfortable in that hammock, Lord O, until something blows up again. Oh, and the little joke about AIG and bailed-out banks being like suicide bombers shows you just don't really get it, pal.