Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Porkulus Has Its Own Logo

Good news! Lord Obama's Porkulus catastrophe has its own logo!

Jake Tapper has the story about said logo here. True to form, the gears on the logo don't mesh properly-- although the stylized pot plant is pretty charming. I guess the logo means that if you get high enough you'll see stars and won't care that The Man's gears don't mesh. Kewl.

You know, throughout history every successful socialist movement has had marketing and a key element of a good marketing plan is a memorable logo. In Germany the National Socialist Party had a sharp logo. Of course, it's kind of out of favor these days, but hey that doesn't mean it wasn't pretty spiffy in its time.

Of course as FDR muddled and bungled through the 1930's turning a bad market correction into a long drawn-out depression ending in a worldwide armed conflict he used lots of cool logos too!

He also got Hollywood to promote his Enormous Government Schemes. Watch this hilarious video to see how bad it really was in the age of Franklin.
Of course, there's no way that Hollywood would promote the New Socialist agenda for Lord Obama! Right?