Friday, September 25, 2009

16-10. Thanks for comin' by.

Fourth-ranked Mississippi came to town for a nationally televised gridiron tiff last night against the Gamecocks.

This happened to the Ole Miss Rebels:

Jevan Snead, the Mississippi QB came in as a prospective #1 NFL draft choice and Heisman dark horse. He went up against a bigtime SEC defense and, well, this happened:

What happened? Eric Norwood happened.

As the clock ran down ESPN's Chris Fowler pointed out that some Ole Miss players had the flu a couple weeks ago. Craig James countered that the Gamecocks were one play short of beating Georgia in Athens and would be 4-0/ 2-0 if they had.
And that's the debate. Are they really a top flight team or are they the usual 7-5 team that goes to a 2nd tier bowl game if the breaks go the right way? Consider the schedule that the USC boys play this season (similar to every season): UGA, Ole Miss, 'Bama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Clemson, Kentucky, NC State...
Nobody outside the SEC plays a schedule like that. No. Bah. Dee. So, we'll just have to see how it breaks.

But, for one night at least, it was a very good night to be Cocky.