Wednesday, September 16, 2009

45% of Docs Would Consider Quitting if Obamacare Passes

Lordy O and his gang in the White House like to say that the majority of physicians support his plan. Of course the next day they say that the POTUS doesn't have a plan so we can't be sure what any of this means. Add in the fact that Lord Obama says lots of things that aren't exactly so and, well, maybe it would be better to have a scientific polling firm find out what physicians think about all of this healthcare stuff swirling around in DC.

Investors Business Daily had their go-to polling firm, TIPP, do just that. Their survey of 1,376 doctors found that 65% oppose a government expansion into healthcare. 72% disagree with the White House assertion that they can cover 47 million more people and have better care for all at a lower cost. (Doctors have to take some math in college whilst, apparently, lawyers do not.)

Finally, and most ominously, 45% say they would consider leaving the practice of medicine if the federal government passes the Democrat's healthcare "reforms".

The complete story is here.