Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's About Power, Not Health

In the months following the January inauguration Democrats have taken an issue, health insurance, and made it into THE HEALTHCARE CRISIS! Of course there is no healthcare crisis in the United States. And even if you dial it back to the health insurance issue, that problem impacts only 7-10 million people. So what is all this about? Well, around our place when the question comes up about one of the various aspects of "the plan" my response is always pretty much the same, "It isn't about health, it's about government power over the citizenry."

Now a self-described Democrat, John F. Gaski, an associate professor at The University of Notre Dame fleshes out that notion in a column here.


By now the realization should be taking hold that the Democrats' health care plan has been exposed as a hoax. And it was the Democrats themselves who discredited and exposed it...

...remember the Democrats' original rationale for their national health care takeover scheme? They wanted all uninsured Americans to be covered, right? Remember?
But now they concede that their mega-upheaval of a plan would still leave about 15 million without medical insurance. Yet they still advocate the plan! Why?

Another way the Democrats inadvertently reveal their own national health insurance dishonesty is through infidelity to a second objective — cost control.
Remember that one? They are hoping you don't, especially since the Congressional Budget Office has reported that the Obama-Democrat scheme would add $1 trillion to the national health tab over the next decade. Yet the Dems still want their plan. Why?

Why, indeed? It must be something else, therefore. If their own action undermines their stated aims, and still they desperately favor the action, then the Democrats' real purpose must be something different, something they will not reveal.

But what? Simple:

...The portrait coming into focus is one of either totalitarian socialism or an unholy socialist hybrid with fascism. And when you are dependent on the decision of a Democrat bureaucrat for crucial medical treatment, how much power does that give the Democrats over you? When the Democrats achieve literal death-grip power over the lives of all our people, that is when they also achieve their long-cherished dream of absolute power and a Democrat dictatorship.

... This is also not about health care, ultimately. It's about raw political power and the long-promised socialist takeover of the United States.

No public option, they now suggest? Don't believe it. They'll create a public option, soon to become the only option, by stealth — a kind of Fannie-Freddie co-op, because government control, in this case medical dictatorship, is an article of theology for the lib Dems.

Thanks, professor Ganski.