Monday, September 21, 2009

Anything Big Happening?

News coverage the past couple of weeks has been focused on two main stories. First has been the ongoing saga of the Democrat's push to foist socialized medicine on our nation. The second story has been largely ignored by the legacy media-- the ACORN fraud-- although it has received huge play in the new media.

A couple of years ago the boiling hot topic of attention was illegal immigration. After much acrimony over amnesty President Bush finally backed away from legislation and the topic pretty much disappeared overnight as we moved on to some other outrage. My guess is that by the end of this year Lord Obama will have to admit he can't get anything meaningful passed through the Dem caucus which has gone from flying a triumphant banner in January to waving a tattered rag in September. He'll table it, move on to other outrages, and thus will end "healthcare" as part of the grand national debate for now. Not with a bang but a whimper. Meanwhile ACORN will disband and the same criminal activity will start up under multiple different names.

So what will be the events of this period that will have lasting effect if those two stories go down a cul-de-sac? I assert that the China tire story could be of lasting import if, heaven forbid, it drives us headlong into a worldwide trade war. The second story from this period that could end up being far bigger than "healthcare" and "ACORN" is our surrender to the Russians on missile defense locations in Poland and the Czech Republic. The obvious weakness and appeasement that this overt act reveals was noted not only in Eastern Europe but in North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere. Most importantly, it was noted in Iran and in Israel. Polling of the Israeli populace reveals that less than 4% believe the Obama administration supports Israel. With Lord O selling the security of the Poles and Czechs to Russia for a promise and a grin, that 4% has probably dropped to zero. Israel is alone now against Iranian nuke aggression. If they act unilaterally some will wonder if the action of last week by the O administration hastened their strike at Iran.

Will America reap the whirlwind?