Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Media Moaning About Their Lost Control

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator has a wonderful open letter to Tom Brokaw. It seems that Tom was on Meet The Press to bemoan the current state of affairs-- the inability of the legacy media to control the daily news narrative anymore. Like all of the dinosaurs Tom longs for a return to the days where a handful of media titans in Manhattan and Georgetown decided what we should know and what we definitely should NOT know.

Mr. Lord gives him another view. It's a view from those of us who are glad to have talk radio, bloggers, citizen reporters, and almost one TV channel. The media monopoly is over and the old guard is pissed off about it to listen to Tom Brokaw.

My advice to Mr. Brokaw is simple. You're a wealthy, reasonably healthy, elderly fellow. You love fly fishing and outdoor activities with a good group of other wealthy, old guys. Enjoy your life. You're the last of a dying breed to judge from the ratings of the "Big 3" newscasts. Go fishing and leave real journalism to the new kids-- like a couple of 20 somethings with a video camera who have succeeded in bringing down ACORN's relationship with the federal government by exposing rampant fraud that your legacy media buds never bothered to explore. That ACORN/ federal government has cost the US taxpayer well over $50Million to date. And that was before their ally, the community organizer-in-chief, gets busy funneling the dough their way.
Where was NBC on this? Nowhere, man. Do yourself a favor. Get lost. Go fishin'. Let the new breed take over, pal. Moaning on MTP is just sad and makes you look as old and out of it as that guy that hosts the CBS Sunday chin wag show.