Monday, November 30, 2009

Before They Made It Nicer

Politico has a story re: 7 talking points about the Obama presidency that the White House does NOT want to take hold with the public. It's a pretty good list but The Politico writers couch it in pleasant terms like Monopoly Money, Mr. Spock, and Man in the Mirror.

So, as a helpful add-on, we have the 7 bullet points rewritten here so you can substitute the "real" term for each:

1. He's an economic illiterate and is trying to tax and spend America into prosperity like an idiot.

2. He's a cold-blooded, heartless S.O.B.

3. He runs a Chicago Democrat Machine thug operation from the White House.

4. He's a pansy.

5. He hates the United States-- or at least thinks there's nothing special about the country.

6. He's Pelosi's poodle.

7. He's an insufferable narcissist.

There. I'm pretty sure those are the unvarnished points the Politico was trying to make.