Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees, Red Sox, Corzine and Dirty Deeds

I didn't hang on every word and picture of last night's election coverage. I enjoy Jethro Gibbs more than that Gibbs feller who works for Obama. I'd rather watch NCIS-LA than washed-up Dems like Bob Beckel opining about election results. But, during commercials, I took a peak at the nation's #1 news channel and her sister business channel and every single time I looked they were talking about just 3 and a half races. The graphics also covered little more than the VA and NJ governor races, NY District 23, and the surprisingly close NYC mayor's race between an authoritarian imperialist nanny and some Democrat.

Admittedly I wasn't tuned in continuously for five hours, but I suspect very little was discussed in detail outside of VA, NJ and those 2 NY races. It's like the way ESPN covers MLB: Yanks, Sawx, Mets and a bunch of other no-name teams. We're used to it. But believe it or not, there were hundreds of other elections around the country yesterday. Some pretty interesting mayor races in Atlanta and Charlotte for example. The US Congressional District 10 race in Northern California held some interest. There were about seven statewide races in PA, a very blue state, and all but one was going to Republicans the last I looked. Don't misunderstand, I agree that the VA and NJ governor's races were the top stories of the day. I just find it odd that everything else was largely ignored.

A little race in our neighborhood was interesting. Our old friend Ralph Norman won back his SC District seat. Ralph gave up his seat a few years back to try to knock off crusty old John Spratt for the US Congress. He failed to get rid of our scourge Spratt but he came closer than anyone else has. Spratt, of course is the chief budget writer in Pelosi's House of Reps and represents a district that went for McCain and Bush twice in the past three elections. He campaigns as a "conservative" Democrat donning work boots and denim and putting his foot up on the wheel of his tractor as he talks all folksy to us in TV ads. Then he goes back to DC to do the bidding of SanFranNan.

So, Ralph winning his old seat back with 72% of the vote sets the stage for another run at Spratt some day. 2010? 2012? We'll see.