Friday, November 13, 2009

The War Is Back Home

"... if the war on terror refuses to go away as easily as the phrase we use for it did, the whole edifice of the Obama administration could come crashing down.
For instance, it seems likely that Obama has already suffered a rhetorical defeat. Whatever his faults, President Bush got to say one thing that the American people always appreciated: After 9/11, he kept us safe from a terrorist attack on the homeland. If Hasan acted as a Jihadist terrorist and not a disgruntled psychiatrist, Obama can't even make the same claim about his first year in office."

-Jonah Goldberg, 11/13/2009- The Politics of Fort Hood

But, don't worry, Lordy O's going to bring KSM and pals to NYC for trial in the US Courts. What could possibly go wrong with a plan that gives the world's most notorious terrorists the rights of a US citizen in our court system?