Monday, November 2, 2009

In The Zone

For two consecutive weeks I didn't watch any pro football. It wasn't a boycott, it was circumstantial. Two weeks ago my favorite team had a bye and I usually check out that week every season to rest up for the rigors of the rest of the drive to the playoffs. Ya gotta stay in shape to make it through a 16 game season plus playoffs, so taking your bye week is essential. Then last week I was at the beach and didn't see any games.

So yesterday I was ready for some football-- especially after Saturday's college disappointment.
I OD'd.

I watched 12 games.

Now you might wonder how a guy could watch all 12 games played-- eight 1PM starts and four 4PM starts. Simple. NFL Network RedZone.

I've been watching RedZone pretty much every week (save the past two) this season and can't imagine going without it. Not only do you see every touchdown and most every field goal as they happen but you get it all without any commercials. None. No ads. 12 games and not a single Viva Viagra or BudLite Tailgate Approved moment. And the painful chatter between announcers as teams huddle or referees gather to talk over the call? Gone. We have no time for that stuff because we go to San Diego, or Chicago, or Dallas or wherever there's a RedZone play to watch. And the kid who sits in the studio as ringmaster flies solo and really knows what's going on. He isn't there with six former players who all have to talk some too. It's just him and it's 95% snark-free. It's all football, all of the time. No unfunny comedy, no promos for shows you don't want to watch, and (did I say this?) no commercials.

If you're an NFL fan-- especially one who lives in a market where your favorite team isn't always on-- you have to watch RedZone. The only drawback-- you have to figure out when to break for food, beverage, and personal hygiene on your own. Everything else is taken care of for you, the fan.