Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Voting

We are the "votingest" people I've ever seen here in the Palmetto State. If there is an election day we have something to vote on. Partly this is because nearly every statewide office is up for a vote by the people. By constitution the governor appoints pretty much nobody. This goes back to the time just after The War Between the States when citizens were worried that a powerful, Yankee-appointed governor could put a bunch of scalawags and carpetbaggers in all the state offices. So, there are party primaries for every office and then general elections and propositions plus local elections and on and on.

But this election day is different. We don't have a single thing to vote on. Our neighbors right up the road have a state congressional election-- but we got nuthin'. I have voter withdrawal today. Luckily, it's in the 70's and there isn't a cloud in the sky so I can be outside all day (with periodic looks at the trading screen) and think about things other than elections. I hear there's one in New Jersey, and another in Virginia, and one in New York that are getting lots of attention. In nearby Charlotte they're picking a new mayor-- the last one has been in office for fourteen years and is a likable chap. But, we have nothing to vote on here. Somehow we'll get by.