Monday, November 23, 2009

A Tough 60

Under the current rules of the Senate a political party that controls 60 votes should have no trouble starting debate on any issue. When it took Sad Sack Harry until Saturday night to (apparently) secure the 60th vote from Blanche "Don't Call Me Abe" Lincoln, Byron York of The Ex was curious. Was it all a show? Was it a media stunt?

How could it be difficult to whip a 60 vote majority to vote "AYE" on nothing more than starting a debate?

Here's what Byron heard up on the hill.

Seriously, struggling to get 60 votes to start debate is like not being able to call the coin flip. I don't mean calling heads when it comes up tails. I mean not knowing that your choices are heads or tails. It doesn't point to a good conclusion for Sad Sack Harry-- which is why, just maybe, the stock market ended its 3 days of heavy selling this AM and bolted skyward.