Friday, August 15, 2008

About Those Electric Cars

Presumptive Future President Barack Obama wants a million plug-in automobiles cruising the boulevards of the country by 2015. Over at Don Luskin's site one of his readers does a calculation on what that will mean in terms of new electric power generation. Bottom line? A million electric cars would need 3,698 nuclear power plants, or the equivalent, to power them.

Petrophobia is a dangerous disease. By hating the oil/ gasoline/ diesel infrastructure in place to power our transportation needs the petrophobes will create devastating consequences. The current ethanol disaster is minor compared to drawing down electric power to this extent for transportation. And, remember, this proposal comes from a guy who doesn't want to build ONE nuclear power plant let alone 40, 400 or 4,000. Coal? No thanks says The Barack of Obama-- although if it looks like PA and WV are crucial and winnable he'll certainly waffle on that position. To him and fellow petrophobes, the answer is electricity which apparently doesn't even need to be generated, it just happens and is super-clean. Oh, and don't forget, over-inflated tires.
(Photo shows the future of transport in America when the Warmist petrophobes rule.)