Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's It Gonna Be, Moonbeam?

Over one month ago we typed here about how Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) caused the collapse of IndyMac Bank in California. To review briefly, Sen. Schumer, an outrageous publicity hound in a town and trade full of such loathsome mongrels, made public a letter he wrote questioning the solvency of IndyMac. That caused a run on the bank wherein depositors withdrew $1.3 Billion in eleven days causing the collapse of the institution.

Last night some quasi good news came out on this situation. Reuters reports that:

In a letter to (California) Attorney General Jerry Brown last week, 51 former IndyMac workers wrote: "From the day (Schumer's) letter was made public on June 26 until the closure of the bank, a run on the bank took place and the failure became inevitable."

Brown's spokeswoman Christine Gasparac said on Wednesday that his office was reviewing the letter and that a decision on whether to act on it could be made as early as next week.

IndyMac is based in Pasadena, California.

That would be very good news indeed except for the fact that the AG is the former Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, a Democrat. Still, it's more than what we can expect from the Democrat-controlled US Congress where both Upchuck Schumer and Chris "Countrywide Corruption" Dodd will hold hearings. That is, if the Dems ever decide to return to Washington DC this year. Don't get me wrong, I don't want them in Washington. We The People are never safe any day Congress is in session. But you just know Schumer and Dodd will really get down to the root causes of the collapse of Indymac and the problems at Countrywide. I'll save them the effort of that show trial. Blame Bush.

Remember in 2006 when the D Party rode to glory on the so-called Culture of Corruption? Is there anybody home at the RNC these days? Anybody even answering the phones? I know there must be somebody there because they call my home every stinking night looking for money. Like that's ever gonna happen while their brand is: Democrat Lite.