Thursday, August 14, 2008

Czar Vladimir the Great

Ralph Peters gives the devil his due today in The Post:

Want a straightforward indication of what the Russians intend? Putin's code-name for this operation is Chistoye Polye. Literally translated, that means "clean field." In military parlance, it means "scorched earth."

Also in the column Peters points out how well Putin has managed the international media. Vlad realizes that the Western elites hate the quaint notion of right & wrong-- good & evil. They embrace moral relativism, so he feeds them what they like and they lap it up. Along those lines this morning, Steve Harrington, reporting from Gori for FNC, told of how he was standing just a few feet away from a Russian tank in the middle of Gori when his Blackberry went off. He checked and it was a NEWS ALERT-- the AP was reporting that the Russians had left Gori. This while he was standing next to Russian soldiers and armor. I wonder where the AP and the BBC got that idea?