Friday, August 29, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Great?

By all reports a number of potential McCain running mates are flying to Dayton, OH to join the senator for the event that will name his VP choice. The conventional wisdom is that they will show party unity and leave Dayton with all parts of the Republican Party working hard for McCain and his running mate. Perhaps. But, wouldn't it be interesting if what he's really going to do is announce that every one of these assembled folks would be great choices and that what he's going to do is allow the convention delegates to decide, through a roll call ballot, who the nominee for Vice President will be. It would energize the convention in a way not seen for decades. The media would pay attention because it would now be a news story rather than a four day infomercial. All factions in the party would have a chance to battle it out for their guy or gal. And, from the battle would likely emerge a candidate that all could support. Nobody would feel they had someone pushed on them-- they had their say and their fair chance.

Ever since John McCain secured the nomination I've been largely disinterested in the Republican campaign. Lately I've been encouraged by some of the aggressive Internet video ads by the McCainiacs. But, allowing the delegates to choose his running mate would be a master stroke. And, it would prove him to be a maverick in the best sense of that tired description.

Whatever happens today Republicans can take comfort in this-- there is nobody on the short or even the long list that would be as poor a choice for McCain as Joe Biden is for Obama.

UPDATE: Of course.... way back on June 13th I wrote that if McCain was smart he' d pick Sarah Palin. Next I'll call for the R's to flip the ticket. McCain could debate Biden and Governor Palin could take on The Little Messiah. Wouldn't THAT be great.