Monday, August 11, 2008


Russian tanks, troops, ships, and fighter planes take action in The Republic of Georgia and reporters ask Barack Obama what he, as President, would do. What Would Obama Do? His first cut at it was along the lines of "everyone needs to calm down and sit down at the negotiating table" or some such empty blather. Later he revised and extended his remarks to point out that Georgia pays a lobbyist to promote their positions in Washington DC and said lobbyist is also an advisor to McCain. So, that means... what exactly? Who knows?
I think the real problem for BXO is that he couldn't get hold of his most important advisor this weekend. No, not Scarlett Johansson; George Clooney! The Daily Mail has the story (updated Monday) on this one. Sheesh. And people thought the McCain ad comparing The Barack of Obama to Hollywood airheads was "over the top."