Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advisor B

A reading of the 76 or so pages released by Fitzgerald in the Blago scandal triggers all sorts of parlor games. We know that "senate candidate 1" is Obama's gal Friday Valerie Jarrett. Blago knew Lord O wanted the Senate seat for VJ but wouldn't come up with cash or considerations. "Senate candidate 5" is Jesse Jackson Jr. who now has some 'splainin' to do. "senate candidate 2" is that Madigan woman I reckon... and on the game goes.
But, as Byron York points out, the crucial mystery player in the Obama-Blago intrigue is "Advisor B".

Of course, Lord O has said he didn't "talk" to Blago about the senate seat. That statement was in contradiction to what his handler, Axelrod had already said. So, within 24 hours, Axelrod came out with a statement that he misspoke when he said Obama and Blago had "talked." You know, there are ways to communicate other than by talking. There's texting on your treasured Blackberry. There's e-mailing. There's an op-ed typed by an aide and printed in the NYTimes. Lots of ways...
Including... communicating through "Advisor B".

In a former line of work I was in we called guys like "Advisor B" by a different name. We called them "the clothesline." See, sometimes you wanted your competitors to know something. You couldn't call them or meet them directly as that would violate anti-trust laws. So, you'd hang out your wash on "the clothesline." Sometimes what you wanted the competition to know was true. Sometimes not. But either way, the clothesline got his cut. If Fitz is half the prosecutor he's supposed to be (doubtful) he's trying to get Advisor B to spill.
Advisor B knows about the corrupt SEIU and its massive spending on behalf of Dems in the 2008 cycle through "Change To Win" and he was at the heart of the discussions of a 3-way deal between Obama-SEIU-Blago. He was involved somehow in Jesse Jr.'s half million dollar "offer" for the seat. He was involved with Blago / Harris as they talked about another option-- having an Obama pal like Warren Buffett fund a phony tax free foundation for Blago to nest in while collecting a salary.

Advisor B might be even more than a simple "clothesline", he might just be a player.

So, who is Advisor B?


One of the ways the legacy media tries to protect Obama from any Blago fallout is by acting that RodoBlago is an outlier. An anomaly. He's crazy, cuckoo, way far out, man! Whereas Lord O is, ya know, cool and the Little Messiah and full of hope & change.

Baloney. I lived around Chicago during the Daley Machine operations of Jane Byrne and Harold Washington. Blago is mainstream, baby. And Obama and his closest aides, like Rahm and Val, come out of that scene. This is the HOPE you voted for, America. It's just the beginning.

(Pictured: Blago and Rahm. BFF's?)