Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Bailin' Out

Saturday afternoon about every college team I wanted to win lost. *harumph*

Saturday night I was able to watch my beloved San Jose Sharks on Hockey Night in Canada. I stayed up way past my bedtime to see the league leaders outshoot Edmonton 150-6, or something like that, and lose in OT. *sigh*

Then Sunday evening along came the Steelers. *barf*

Next, add in a touch of the pompous, oily Chris Dodd (who should be under investigation over his Freddie/Fannie/Countrywide fraud) pontificating to some elderly gent on Sunday morning TV that he wants to dictate to GM who can helm the ship once it's powered by bailout dough. *spare us, doddly one*

Then throw in a dash of Lord Obama, who talked to another elderly TV guy-- this one with a speech impediment-- about how he, Lord O, will confiscate enormous sums from the taxpayers to build lots of cool stuff what needs building... *yikes*

And now, just moments ago, I heard on CNBC that an ethanol company is asking for bailout money. Could it be more perfect? The gigantic ethanol boondoggle, supported by taxpayer money even in flush times, now needs more taxpayer money because plain old gasoline is so much cheaper than corn squeezin's for auto fuel. *snort*

All I can say is, send in the sax playin' walrus. Sara tootin' a flute makes more sense than any of this lunacy passing for erudition in the public square today.