Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love For The Gov

In the next couple of years, while more and more Americans come to realize that Bailout Nation is on a disastrous track, people will wonder if there was any politician of stature who was against all of this foolishness from the very beginning. Well, there is at least one, and he will be ending his second successful term as a true Conservative (with a good dash of libertarian common sense) Governor at just about the right time to make a run in 2012. When the biggest tax increase in US history kicks in as President Obama allows the 2003 tax rate reductions to expire many of those Americans who bought the "tax cuts for 95% of Americans" hooey will want a real tax cutter and spending hawk.

Here's a short article that recognizes Governor Mark Sanford's moment.

Six minutes of your time watching the video at this site will give you an idea of why we Love Our Gov.

By the way, we have nothing to do with the Draft Sanford movement-- but the video of him testifying in front of the ethics challenged Rangel is too good not to share.