Friday, December 19, 2008

Taxing Their Way To Prosperity

By now you've heard of the brave move by the Governor of New York to tax everything that moves and a few things that don't. Honestly, we thought that taxes in New York couldn't go any higher. It is interesting that when the economy slows there are certain folks in government who see it as an assault on their treasury rather than a problem for the people who create the wealth and pay the taxes. They see it as their money and your obligation to cough it up. Clearly, many states are governed by this mentality. Some like Michigan are losing population by the tens of thousands as people vote with their feet. The remaining populace is then touched for higher tax rates and more fees to make up for the lost revenue. That sounds like a cycle that ends with one citizen left-- with a tax bill of several billion dollars on his kitchen table. In New York the hapless Guv who followed the corrupt whore Spitzer is proposing 88 new fees. This isn't like an Obama tax-the-rich scheme, this is a tax everybody a little bit more scheme. Even libs are calling it an assault on the middle class.

Why do I care? I don't live in New York, and I scrupulously avoid setting foot in the entire Northeast as a rule. Well, I care because there are a zillion and a half folks from New York & New Jersey already living down here in Dixie. That, on the face of it, isn't such a problem. But, once they've made their way to our favored land, they do a few things that really honk us off. They complain endlessly about not being able to buy friggin' Newsday or the hideous New York Times on every street corner, and they vote for the same sort of liberal nitwits that ruined the place they left! See Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina circa November 2008 for ample evidence.
So, if y'all are moving here to escape the cold and high taxes of the northern climes, please do a few things right:

1.) Read your hometown papers online

2.) Vote for conservatives

3.) Shut up with your Yankees, Jets, Patriots, Red Sox crap

4.) Don't put milk and sugar on grits (hint: butter, pepper, maybe a little shredded cheddar...)

OK, just a little cranky today. Maybe because I have to drive from 65 degree weather to 15 degree weather today.