Monday, December 15, 2008

Camp Victory, Baghdad, December 14, 2008

It is an odd thing to win a war and then turn over the oval office to a fellow who made his opposition to that now-won war the launchpad for his campaign. President George W. Bush dropped into Iraq over the weekend and saw the men and women who won the war.

You didn't know about this? You thought that President Bush went to Iraq this weekend so a disgruntled Saddam Sympathizer ("journalist") could throw his wingtips at him? No. He was visiting the troops before Christmas. But you'd be hard-pressed to see much coverage of that.

If you don't think that the Iraqi shoe-flinger gave an unintended endorsement of the great success President Bush has had in Iraq, just imagine what would have happened to the guy if he had tossed two shoes at Saddam... or Uday... or Qsay.
Obama's presidency will never have to worry about what Saddam and his pathological offspring are up to, thanks to President Bush and the men and women of the US military.