Wednesday, August 5, 2009

35% Support = Wildly Popular

Every article and TV report I see about DC's Cash4Clunkers debacle calls it WILDLY POPULAR. Rasmussen finds that 54% of Americans oppose using taxpayer money to buy up and destroy used cars. 35% think it's swell, and 12% said, "What did you call me? I'll see yo mama out on the porch!" or else they were undecided. One or the other.

This means that ("Get me re-write!") George W. Bush was WILDLY POPULAR in 2008. Who knew?

I have a perfectly good TV I was hoping to replace with a fairly small-- it has to fit in an armoire-- new HDTV. I was going to make this transaction this summer but now I'm holding off. I figure if a million others act like me we can stop HDTV sales dead and we'll get a "Cash4Clickers" program. My recommendation is a $500 rebate. I'll add a couple hundred bucks and be happy with my new TV.

Trust me, it will be wildly popular with everyone who gets $500. As for the rest of you people, who cares? Grow up. In the Age of Obama you have a claim on your neighbors' wealth. Don't be a chump! Get on board and demand more of the Top 1%er's dough for your family economy. Time's a-wastin'. We got the richies on the run. They owe you their money. Get yours now!