Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Much Do We Like Rick Porcello?

A lot.

Monday night the Red Sawx started a beanball war with the Tigers by trying to take out Detroit clean-up hitter Miggy Cabrera with an HBP. Edwin Jackson evened the tally sheet when he delivered a rib-shot to the Beantowner's oafish clod Youk.

Tuesday night the Massachussetts Nine showed they didn't get the message that it was ovah. They got behind 3-0 quickly so opted to hit Miggy again. They sent the slugger out of the game and off to the X-Ray department. Luckily, no broken bones-- but a damn sore hand. So, when rookie phenom Rick Porcello cooly nails Boston's Youk Clown with a BP fastball in the back the hot-headed Oddjob lookalike breaks the code and goes bat-$&!# crazy. As he charges the mound Porcello backs away with the universal hand signal for "What's your problem? I thought we were playing baseball not having a Tupperware Party." Next The Youkey One throws his helmet at Rick in a move last seen on the St. Ursula's School for Girls playground when the 6th graders were in a snit over no chocolate milk at lunch that day. As the Sawx goon attempts to plow over our calm, classy Rick, the 20 year old gives him a hip turn and smooth take down. By my stop watch it ended in a pin in approximately 4 tenths of a second.


Time for the chowdaheads to learn how old time baseball is played.