Friday, August 28, 2009

Hail to Summer, Oh Hail

It's hard to believe that we're heading into the final week before Labor Day. The crabgrass is at its August zenith of fescue-choking activity. The two college-age Dartlads have been back at school for two weeks already. Other than a three day weekend in the Lowcountry we didn't have a "vacation". (Nothing new there.) No doubt about it-- summer is over in a week. All we can do now is relax vicariously through others more fortunate than we... you know, movie stars, rock stars, big-wigs, poobahs, moguls, and the like.

That Tyler guy from Aerosmith took a nasty fall at the big biker rally in South Dakota. But it looks like he's up and about and able to get out in Boston and rub elbows (ouch! watch the sling, dude!) with the riffraff. Lookin' better than evah, Steve...

We've always enjoyed Jack Nicholson's screen performances despite our lack of enthusiasm for his favorite sport, basketball. Let's catch up with Hollywood's biggest Superstar at the ol' swimmin' hole...


One of the movies Jack made that we missed was that one with Diane Keaton. She was great in Annie Hall, wasn't she. Better put that Nicholson/ Keaton movie in the Netflix queue. Wonder what Diane's been up to this summer?

Ya know... I already have 96 movies waiting in my Netflix list so maybe I'll just hold off a bit on the Diane Keaton film festival.

That "man's man" Harrison Ford was one of our favorite action stars for years. We've kind of lost track of him over the past few years. What's he been up to this summer I wonder?

Apparently he's had an operation that we didn't read about.


Wow, I feel better about my summer already. Thanks Hollywoodsters for showing me how good I have it! Life here is pretty darn good. Ya know, I'm gonna knock off early, head over to the lake, and read my new book.

I heard it's a real page-turner.

Written by Splash.