Monday, August 3, 2009

El Cheap "O"

Saturday we saw a story about four CEO's going to the White House for lunch with Lord O. The heads of Starbucks, Wal*Mart, Verizon, and Nucor were invited to the WH for Friday noon vittles. The inclusion of Nucor CEO Dan DiMicco was of special interest. Many Americans don't know about the steelmaker Nucor. They tend to erroneously believe America doesn't make steel anymore, such is the power of propaganda. Nucor is based about a 20 minute drive from us, has revenue of about $24 Billion annually, and employs nearly 22,000 people in the enterprise of making steel. DiMicco is a sharp guy so we wondered what he might have to say to our embattled prez.

We learned nothing about what DiMicco told BO about his business in the article in The Carolina Disturber, unfortunately. But we did learn that Dan was asked for his credit card number so President Obama could bill him for his lunch. This struck us as very odd. Has it been standard operating procedure for people to get an invite to the White House and then find out they're going Dutch treat? Does this happen when The One meets with union bosses? Teachers? Veterans groups? Oprahs? Sultans? Senators? New York Times reporters? ACORN community organizers? New Black Panther Party, um, operatives? Or just when the "guests" are... evil... CEO's?
Then this morning we came across a short piece at the American Spectator's Washington Prowler column about the WH practice of billing guests for their meals. Seems as though it's a new innovation from Team Obama. Apparently they've used it about four times and have come up with a cockamamie cover story about "conflict-of-interest." The Prowler believes that, actually, the Obama's have blown through 365 days of entertainment budget in less than 200 days.
I suspect a Cash4Cheeseburgers program will be introduced by SanFranNan Pelosi right after the recess.