Monday, August 17, 2009

Liberty Rising?

A very busy weekend around here as it involved moving two college men back to school-- two different schools. Family members were deployed in two directions. Miles were driven. Worldly possessions were schlepped. Fast food was consumed. Much gasoline was purchased for $2.27/ gallon.

Good luck in your studies, fellas.

And then there's this uniter...

Time for a review. In recent days those of us who oppose a federal government take-over of healthcare have been called...

... Klansmen (and women) by the doddering John Dingell who has apparently forgotten that the KKK was a Democrat terrorist group and that his Capitol Hill Dem pal Bobby Byrd was once a High Exalted Cyclops of that organization. Here's a clue, John and it's free-of-charge. We're for freedom and liberty-- not tyrannical government. Got it?

... Un-American by SanFranNan Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, the leaders of The People's House. She runs a government operation that flirts with single digit approval numbers. It can't be because she openly hates the majority of Americans, can it?

... Fakes and phonies (AKA-"Astroturf") by the same Pelosi. Being called a fake and a phoney by a woman with more plastic surgery work than Joan Rivers doesn't really break me up too much.

... the equal of Bull Connor in civil rights era Alabama by Congressman Clyburn-- part of Pelosi's House leadership team. Gosh, Jim, we don't even own a dog! But we do get to drive under the elaborate $1.8 Million pedestrian bridge over SC-277 in Columbia built by taxpayer money and named after you. We feel so proud every time we pass under that seldom used monument to your porky greatness. Someday we hope to see someone walking over it. By the way, James, those guys with the snarling dogs? They were all Democrats.

... Evil-Mongers by Hapless Harry Reid-- a guy who attributes his 30 something poll numbers in Nevada as indicative not of his unpopularity but of the fact that many people in the state are newcomers and don't know how great he is yet.

We've had the White House sponsor an on-line attempt to have citizens rat out "fishy" neighbors to The Snitch Czar via the flag{at} e-mail tip line.

We've been called uninformed people who get marching orders from extremist media and special interest groups who are misleading vulnerable, feeble-minded Americans. Actually, if anybody told me to march anywhere I'd go the opposite way. I'm like that.

Finally, we've been spammed by David Axelrod's minions in the West Wing of Obama's White House.

Now, we aren't waiting for apologies from this collection of sad sacks for any of that. But we can't wait to see all of them pay a price at the ballot box.

The day of reckoning will come.