Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disappointed and Saddened

Earlier this hour Senator McCain and his wife appeared in front of the cameras in Toledo, Ohio to address the New York Times smear. This was a great opportunity for candidate McCain to show some fire and go after his dear friends in the leftist media. Instead he spoke quietly and kept telling us how disappointed he was. What was disappointing to me was that the presumptive Republican candidate couldn't find it in him to go on attack against a hit job by the biggest liberal paper in the country. It was a horrible press conference.

Cindy McCain showed an angry spark when she spoke briefly, but St. John of Arizona just looked old, tired, and sad. Instead of it being an event that could get the base on his side it just caused conservatives to laugh. He actually still seems to think that his years of attacking Republicans will earn him good press through the campaign this year against Obama.

Rather than being disappointed and saddened by this smear perhaps the candidate would be better off treating it as a teaching moment. They've deserted you John. You need "us" more than ever.