Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Let's go to the videotape and see how my fearless Super Tuesday forecast played out...

I had Mitt winning 6 states and he picked up an extra one for 7. I had Huck winning only Arkansas and then added in WV after he and McCain worked some backroom voodoo there. He did much better by taking 5 states here in the SEC. McCain did less well than I thought he would. I had him down for 12 wins and he took 9. The fact is I missed Delaware yesterday which was a McCain win. So there were 4 states he lost that surprised me: GA, TN and AL to Huck and MN to Mitt.

What did it all mean? Pretty much what we figured on the R side: McCain gets a step closer and Huck increases his VP standing. As if that isn't bad enough for the Conservative Republican base add in that Obama had a fairly good night against Hillary. Around this office we believe Obama is a far tougher opponent than the deeply flawed Hillary and her high disapproval numbers.

The race goes on-- I expect nobody to drop out based on Super Dooper Tuesday. But on the Republican side the McCain crown is being polished.