Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fools Rush In

Movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn famously said:
“Forecasts are dangerous. Especially those about the future.”

I ignore that sage advice this morning. Maybe it's because we're covered in a blanket of fog this morning in the Upstate... maybe it's because I can't help myself.

My forecast for the recent football contest was, "Patriots win and Giants cover." Which means I was dead wrong on the history part but 100% correct on the making money part. So, here's the forecast for Super Tuesday on the Republican side:

By my reckoning there are 19 caucus or primary states. Six will go to Mitt, Scowly McCain takes 12, and Huckleberry Hound secures his home state of North Louisiana or whatever they're calling the homeland of Billy Jeff Blythe these days.

This means that Scowly will not have the delegates needed yet but will be one big step closer. It will also mean that if Huck doesn't drop out he's acknowledging his role in the McCain campaign against Mitt and will be a mortal lock for McCain's VP pick.

I have associates who are Republicans. They should be praying for Hillary! to win if McCain, who has yet to win a plurality of self-described Republicans in a primary, ends up as the R's nominee.

The fact that the McCain campaign thought that having Bob Dole write a letter to Rush Limbaugh was a way to smooth things over with the Conservative base of the Republican Party is so stunningly clueless it's hard to even believe they did it. But they did.
UPDATE: The Huckleberry 4 VeePee truck is rollin'! In West Virginia this afternoon Romney had a large plurality of the caucus. However, it takes a majority to snag the delegates so McCain's folks threw their support to Huckleberry Hound in order to block Mitt in the second round. So WV goes to Huck instead of Mitt thanks to McCain's handlers. BTW, I don't think I had WV in my prediction above...so figure 12 McCain, 6 Mitt and 2 Huck. We shall see in a few hours how bad my forecast is.