Friday, February 1, 2008

What Makes Hockey So Great?

A good way to kill any sports conversation during Super Bowl hype week(s) is to reply to the latest specualtion over Tom Brady's ankle boo-boo with, "Whatever. But did you see what Alexander Ovechkin did last night?"

That's a room clearer.

The boys down at the local bait shop paused for three beats and then went right back to football this AM. But, for the love of Mike, "Did you see what Alexander Ovechkin did last night?"...

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Capitals' Alex Ovechkin broke his nose, needed stitches in his lip after getting hit with a puck and then showed the Montreal Canadiens the true meaning of the word tough.
The battered Ovechkin, who also sported a cut below his eye from a high stick on Tuesday night, scored his fourth goal of the night with 1:26 left in overtime to give the Washington
Capitals a 5-4 Canadiens on Thursday night.

Four goals and an assist in the game while getting his nose broken getting crushed into the boards and catching a puck in the mouth. Get it? Hockey rocks like nothing else in sports. I'm not a Caps fan. I'm a Sharks fan, but that was unbelievable. And throughout it all he's playing with a grin on his face. Ever see an NBA player hit for 60 points, 20 rebounds and 12 assists with a broken nose and stitches in his lip. Me neither.