Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome to the Shark Tank Mr. Shelley

The San Jose Sharks picked up Jody Shelley from Columbus to add some toughness to a very good hockey team. Last night Shelley started his first game in The Tank and exactly 17 seconds into the action got a bone-rattling hit into the boards on a Blackhawk. The crowd roared in approval and the Sharks went on to a 3-2 shootout victory.

The AP reports that after the game Jody had this to say,

"That was a fun start. I was jacked up to be out there with Joe (Thornton) and Jeremy (Roenick) right off the bat. We decided to plan to get it deep, and all of a sudden we're in a skirmish. You don't want to wade into anything. You want to get right into it."

Just what the Sharks needed on the chase to the Stanley Cup-- some extra grit sandpaper.