Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's A Landslide

From the moment this canine capered onto the carpet at Madison Square Garden Monday night there was no doubt he'd win the hound group competition and roll on to a Tuesday night landslide victory for Best In Show. The shocking thing to learn was that in the long history of the Westminster Kennel Club no beagle has ever won best in show--- until now. This proud pup pranced in front of the crowd and completely won them over.

In other landslide news B.H. Obama won by huge margins over the once inevitable nominee of the Democrats.

She's toast.

He's on a roll.

And Uno is the greatest beagle ever. He also could come up with a smarter tax plan than any of the Democrats in his sleep. Hmmm... is it too late to replace Scowly McCain with Uno the Beagle?

FULL DISCLOSURE: Uno, though owned by a consortium of people from four states, spends most of his time living at the home of his trainer Aaron Wilkerson. Aaron was the man who showed Uno at MSG and has taken him to all the TV chat shows this morning. He lives in the Midlands of our beautiful Palmetto State. Lugoff, South Carolina to be precise.