Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheer Up, There's Always College Baseball

With the major league club we've loved since the late 1950's mired in a wee bit of difficulty this week it's time to turn to happier baseball thoughts. Like this-- Collegiate Baseball News ranked 6 teams from the Carolinas in their Top 30 this week. The Tar Heels came in #5, The Carolina Gamecocks ranked #6 in the nation, Charlotte was #18, UNC Wilmington came in at 19, The Pirates of East Carolina ranked #24 and at #30 were the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. So 20% of the Top 30 are from South Carolina and that other Carolina. Not bad.

OK. That didn't work. I still feel bad about the 0-4 Tigers. Dontrelle, it's on you to set things right tomorrow! Have a great weekend Detroit fans.

UPDATE: OK. That didn't work. Justin Verlander, it's on you tonight to set things right... on national TV, too.

UPDATE2: OK. That didn't work. Take Monday off fellas.

UPDATE3: Should've taken Tuesday off too. Beyond ridiculous.