Monday, April 28, 2008

Michael Yon- Moment of Truth in Iraq

For anyone interested in the truth about Operation Iraqi Freedom Michael Yon's website has been the number one source for information for years. Michael is in the US currently doing a bit of promotional activity for his book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq". He points out on his website that Amazon is out of stock right now as the book heads into a second printing right out of the gate. However, Michael reports that Barnes & Noble stores have it in stock and B&N's online store is running a great deal on it right now. (Subject to change at a moment's notice.)

Book Blurb Reviews:

Monkeydarts- "Nothing you can do today will be more important than ordering Michael's book. Nothing you can do in the next two weeks will be more important than reading 'Moment of Truth in Iraq.'"

Joe Galloway-"Yon covers soldiers . . . the old-fashioned way: He goes down the back alleys and the bad roads"--(Joe Galloway, author of We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young)

David H. Petraeus-"He's fearless . . . provides a candid, soldier's-eye view . . . from the very unique perspective of being there with them for weeks and months at a time . . . delv[ing] deep into the human component."--(General David H. Petraeus, commanding general, Multi-National Force, Iraq)

Brian Willams-"Michael Yon's voice is the voice of the soldier, often unfazed by what he sees, mission-focused and battle-hardened. These guys don't scare easily and they never let up, and Michael tells the story from their point of view."--(Brian Willams, Anchor, NBC Nightly News)

Clifford May-"His readers have learned what most Americans would not know from NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and NPR"--(former New York Times foreign correspondent Clifford May)

OK, that first one isn't on the book jacket, but you get the idea.