Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

It's been ever so long since we posted anything about the 2008 Presidential contest. This is because nothing is actually happening. McCain is out on a tour of all the places he lived in the United States during his formative years, Barack X. Obama is trying to get back to HOPE and CHANGE, YES WE CAN instead of "G-d Da-- America!" and Hillary is dodging incoming machine gun fire on an airstrip in war-torn Europe with Sinbad or something.

Checking the Presidential futures over at Intrade we learn that a few things have changed since last we bothered to look. First, Obama is a mortal lock for the Democrat nomination. Nothing new there since we've been saying as much since the end of January, but the bombs bursting in Bosnia seem to have been the last straw for Dems and BXO nominee futures are close to 90 cents on the dollar. Lock.

But, bad news for my Republican friends, Obama has re-opened a nice lead on the septuagenarian senator from Arizona. As of this morning Obama is trading at 50.0 and Johnny Mac is 39.2. It looks like BXO has weathered the Wright stuff-- for now.

As for the picture with this post... a guy can dream, can't he?