Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sanford and Son Redux

DaBlade over at ChatteringTeeth has postulated in the past that Chicago's Rev. Wright is Fred Sanford to Barack X. Obama's Lamont. Yesterday while watching the video of the Rev. mugging and pulling faces while dazzling the crowd with his oratory, um, skills I thought, yep, there's some Fred Sanford in that wacky act. Chattering Teeth has the photographic proof today. Compare and contrast with this picture from yesterday's wild show.

Here's the delightful opening tune they should have played when the muggin' & buggin' Rev. took to the podium. The late Redd Foxx did quite well for himself with his late-in-life TV career. America in the 70's loved S&S and most of the rest of Redd's cleaned-up-for-TV act. Sanford & Son was PG rated. But Redd's nightclub act, honed over 40 years of hard work, was anything but PG. If you seek out the recordings be warned, like Rev. Wright, Redd Foxx could preach about "ridin' dirty." The crucial difference? Mr. Foxx was funny.

UPDATE: Breaking news... it sounds like Lamont has decided it's time to break up the act!
UPDATE2: Can't wait for Rev. Wright's reponse to Obama's press event. It should be along the lines of, "Shut up Dummy!" Fred/Redd would've wanted it that way.