Friday, April 11, 2008

Reading The Greens Properly

The first blossoms of the season around here are the Bradford Pear trees. One doesn't get edible fruit from them, just beautiful cream-colored blooms as winter is ending. They're a good signal that it's time to put the pre-emergent fertilizer down. After they disappear we move into cherry blossom time.
This year's cherry blossoms were excellent, but that's pretty much done now and the wisteria is blooming like crazy everywhere. That's the signal that it's time to put the mulch down and to hang the baskets along the porch. In those baskets are Boston ferns. If it's like prior years the fern baskets will also become condos for finches. Unfortunately last year four baby finches became a meal for a tree-climbing blacksnake. Circle of life and all that.
About the same time the wisteria blooms the azaleas that are in full sun begin to blaze. Pictured above are some azaleas near here. This picture was taken Thursday on a golf course just off of I-520 East, AKA The Bobby Jones Expressway in Augusta, Georgia. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are. But stay cool, it's gonna be in the mid-80's.